DISL: ISO Metadata Generator - Main Document

Formatting notes:
a) all "&" must be changed to either "and" or "&"
b) all smart quotes must be converted to straight quotes
c) all emdashes need to be plaintext "-"
d) For non-English characters in names, use this to get the code (string convert XML to US-ASCII).

File identifier
format: DISL - PI of lab - lab member that did the study or project name - metadata record number (for that lab member) - year metadata record completed.
Examples: DISL-Powers-Ajemian-002-2014, DISL-Carmichael-ALMMSN-002-2016.

Dataset Title

Date Type
Dataset Date
format: YYYY-MM-DD

Note: This generator doesn't check date format, but it won't validate later if it's anything other than YYYY-MM-DD.



Lab Credit

Lab PI (Faculty Member) Contact Information

Student/Postdoc/Tech/Project Lead Contact Information
Leave blank if none.

Dataset Status
Historical Archive
Under Development

Maintenance and Update Frequency
As Needed
Not Planned

Browse Graphic (e.g. study area map, experimental design diagram)
Leave blank if none.

Theme Keywords
Separate keywords with commas.

Place Keywords
Separate keywords with commas.

Topic Category
Select all that apply (at least one).
full list of options that can
be edited into the XML later

Use Constraints
Edit in correct funding agencies.

Dataset Date Range
format: YYYY-MM-DD

Geographic Range
Required. Must be in decimal degrees (or it won't validate later).

Quick Lookup Tool for latitude/longitude of individual points
Latitude/longitude converter
Quick-n-dirty suggestion for MS-Excel datasets: use min() and max() on your lat/lon columns.

optional description of study area:

Cross References
Journal article related to the dataset. Leave blank if none.

Book or report related to the dataset. Leave blank if none.

Where can the dataset be obtained, other than DISL?
List any project websites, national repositories like NOAA NODC Oceanographic Archive, NSF's BCO-DMO, GoMRI's GRIIDC, etc. Please put direct links to the page with the data or download button.

Data Quality and Methods
As needed: fill in either the top box, or the process step boxes, or both. (Delete template text from unneeded boxes.)

Overview of methods used to collect, process, analyze, organize, etc. the data. Info about any data gaps or data quality issues.

Process step 1

Process step 2

Process step 3

Process step 4

Process step 5

Feature Catalogue Citation
Use the same title, date, and feature type names as you did when you filled out the Feature Catalogue form for this dataset.

DS Aggregate Citation
If this dataset is part of a larger collection of datasets, fill in information about the collection here. Leave blank if none.